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   Ranger Pump Company is the manufacturer of water lift pumps for field drainage. We have been building and servicing water lift pumps since 1984. Our pumps are designed and custom built for your specific drainage needs and will move a large volume of water quickly.

RPC Offers:

  • High Volume
  • No belts to adjust – no oil to add
  • Schedule 40 steel tube
  • 500-3000 gallons per minute
  • Standard farm duty motors
  • 5 HP to 30 HP
  • PTO option
  • Off grid engine driven option
  • Single or three phase
  • VFD compatible
  • Long service life

Our pumps will handle corn stalks and field debris. Because our pumps have no oil to leak out, they are safe for wildlife and the environment.

Below are some videos of our pump installs.  

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