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How is length determined?

Measure from the bottom of the spout to 12” off of the floor of the pumping station.

How many gallons per minute will it pump?

It varies with lift height, an estimate is:

  • 10”- 15 HP = 2500 gal/min
  • 8” – 10 HP = 1500 gal/min
  • 8” – 7.5 HP = 1000 gal/min
  • 8” – 5 HP = 600 gal/min
How big of a pump do I need?

 A 10 HP pump for every 160 acres; no more than 200 acres of water-shed.

What kind of maintenance is required on the pump?

You will need to occasionally grease the top bearing.

Do you build PTO or off grid engine driven pumps?

Yes, we will build to your specifications. Carriage mount or installed in a lift station. 

Can you build a stainless steel pump?