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RANGER PUMP COMPANY, “The Farmers’ Friend” was started by a man who loved farming, a man whose heart was in seed sowing and harvest. He took pride in working the land and with much hard work, he found enormous satisfaction. Farming was a way of life for him; it was part of his identity. Along the way, he saw the challenges from the weather and the need to adapt in maintaining profitability.

Therefore, over 30 years ago the man behind Ranger Pump Company designed and built a pump for field drainage and dewatering. Knowing that crop input costs are high and that one acre lost is one too many the pump is designed to drain a large volume of water quickly. The pump is easy to maintain and very efficient. It has a long service life and is very durable. Ranger Pump Company is here to help you see satisfaction for YOUR hard work in farming and bringing in a harvest to be proud of.